rlwrap file for Oracle SQL*plus

Author: knut (a) knuthaugen dot no, copyright 2004.
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Rlwrap is a generic wrapper that extends command line tools without readline capability, and gives them just that. This is very handy for a number of programs, and it's a necessity for people like me which are used to the readline features of the bash shell for instance. Readline gives you command and keyword completion, command history with searchable history and command line editing.

SQL*plus from Oracle, the command line tool for interacting with an oracle database, has none of these things and rlwrap can do just that. I have put together a rlwrap keyword file for SQL*plus. Note that is's not complete by far and patches are very welcome. I have still found that it serves my rather basic needs for work with SQL*plus. The file can be downloaded here and is licensed under the GPL.


Download the file sqlplus and place it in the directory /use/share/rlwrap. This makes the file available to all user on the host. Run rlwrap sqlplus in a shell and you should be good to go :-)

More information

For generel usage of SQL*plus, see Thomas Eibner's excellent guide. Oracle's own documentation for SQL*plus might also be of help.


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