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About me

What is there to say about me? A page about the owner of a website tends to get stereotypical. A bit of bragging, some bad jokes, some required self-indulgence and some things that might seem just too darn personal. The last page was like that, but since then I have grown older and (hopefully) wiser. No such ravings now, I hope.

I am a model 76 north European male living in Oslo, Norway. I work as a software programmer and systems consultant in Linpro and it's really the best company I could ever dream of working in. Right now I don't know of any place I would rather work. I am one fortunate son of a gun, aren't I? Oh, and I prefer Linux to any other operating system...

I could go on and write stuff here all day, but that tends to get boring. Some privacy is after all reserved me and mine. Oh and by the way, I look something like this picture here.

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